Wireless fast charging

  • Model: PFW-A-04
  • Model: PFW-A-04
  • Model: PFW-A-04
  • Model: PFW-A-04
  • Model: PFW-A-04
Model: PFW-A-04Model: PFW-A-04Model: PFW-A-04Model: PFW-A-04Model: PFW-A-04

Model: PFW-A-04

  • Input power: Type-C DC5V2A/9V2A
  • Output: compatible with 5W / 7.5w/10w/15w
  • Product size: 60.5 * 7.5mm
  • Compatibility: any smart phone with wireless charging function
  • Product description: Product material: tempered glass + aluminum alloy; Number of wireless charging coils: single coil; Working frequency: 110-205khz
1. Metal shell, double-sided transparent body
2. Fine magnetic attraction, low charging temperature
3. Strong magnetic absorption effect, fast charging and no burning
4. Can display Apple quick charging pattern
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